Routine HVAC maintenance is key for maximum benefits

You wouldn’t buy a nice car and then never change the oil. Also, you wouldn’t purchase a computer and constantly ignore the software updates.

But for reasons we don’t quite understand, some people choose not to conduct regular HVAC maintenance on their systems.

With that in mind, here are some of the benefits of regular HVAC maintenance:


More money in your pocket

Three-quarters of all homes in the United States have air conditioners, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Air conditioners use about 6 percent of all the electricity produced in the United States, at an annual cost of about $29 billion to homeowners.

While the cost of a regular maintenance plan can dissuade people from investing in their system, this is extremely short-sighted. Over the life of your HVAC unit, preventative maintenance can save you money. Even something as simple as replacing a dirty, clogged filter with a clean one can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption by 5 to 15 percent. That will likely result in a lower energy bill.

You’ll also be extending the life of your unit, which means it will be longer until you have to buy a new one. If your unit needs to be replaced while it’s still under warranty, annual maintenance is often a requirement of the warranty.


Higher efficiency in your home

When your HVAC unit is experiencing undetected problems, it’s working harder to heat and cool your home. You can crank it up to full blast but still not get comfortable during on the hottest days in summer or coldest days in winter. You may also be causing additional damage to your unit or blowing mold into your house. Having an experienced tech take a look at your system regularly will have it functioning properly and efficiently, keeping your unit and your home healthy.


Easing your worries

Most people don’t give much thought to their HVAC unit until it’s not working correctly. But when all is well, some folks wonder – usually around the time they change a dirty filter – what else they could be doing to extend the life of their unit and keep it running smoothly. It could be something as minor as a part that needs to be replaced or something more serious. Your HVAC unit could be putting you at risk for carbon monoxide or a house fire. These are things a technician will catch quickly and repair, putting your mind at ease.


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