Our Maintenance Agreement


The single most important step you can take to save money, save energy, extend your current equipment’s life and live comfortably in your home is to schedule semi-annual (twice a year) maintenance on your HVAC system. With it, you can rest assured your home will remain comfortable and operate efficiently and economically all year long.

Twice-annual system tune-ups

  • Improve efficiency and reduce your energy bills by keeping your equipment running at optimum performance.
  • Extend the life of your equipment four to six years, or 25%, saving you money over the long run.
  • Keep your unit under the manufacturer’s warranty terms.
  • Result in your experiencing fewer costly repairs by diagnosing problems early, and giving you a chance to make less-costly interim repairs to keep your current system working.

Heating Tune-Up

The Roscoe Brown annual heating tune-up consists of filter check, gas valve, operation of safety controls, sequencer, heating element in operation, CO level, heat exchanger; interior of manifold compartment, pilot, burners; test for gas leaks; clean and calibrate thermostat; check and clean humidifier; check heat pump reversing valve and defrost cycle.

Air Conditioning Tune-Up

The air conditioning tune-up consists of a filter check, compressor performance, Freon charge, all safety controls, test crankcase heater, operating pressure. We will also inspect condenser coil, evaporator coil, evaporator drain pan, condensate drain, and blower. We’ll record superheat. We’ll lubricate all necessary parts. And, finally, we’ll clean and calibrate the thermostat.


In addition to heating and air maintenance, we also offer plumbing maintenance agreements which include yearly inspections and evaluations. Roscoe Brown Inc. services all brands of water heaters including tankless water heaters, and plumbing products, sewer and drain cleaning service available.

Benefits of Annual Plumbing Evaluations

  • Identifying issues before costly breakdowns occur
  • An annual flushing of your water heater once a year promotes better water heater efficiency & longer water heater tank life
  • Dye Test on your commode – Helps identify causes of high water bills
  • Peace of mind
  • Identifying the causes of any problem drains in your home
  • Water quality test – Identifies high chlorine and sediment levels in your water that could damage your home and health
  • Clean Garbage Disposal – extends the life and reduces odors
  • Water Pressure Test – High water pressure can cause drippy faucets, toilets, and reduce the life of your plumbing fixtures

Plumbing Inspection

  • Visual leak inspection of all visible drains
  • Visual leak inspection of all water supply lines and valves
  • Commode dye test & treat all sewer lines with BioClean
  • Camera inspection (Gold level) of sewer main
  • Clean faucet aerators
  • Water quality test – Hardness and chlorine

Water Heater Flush & Safety Inspection: (single heater)

  • Flush heater of sediment if possible
  • Check all safeties on water heater Gas or Electric
  • Leak check all accessible gas lines
  • Check venting on gas heater for proper drafting and conditioning
  • Pull and inspect anode rod
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