NexTech Academy for HVAC & Plumbing

Roscoe Brown is seeking highly motivated HVAC/Plumbing Apprentices to join our NexTech Academy team. 

If you are eager to become a skilled HVAC Technician or Plumbing Technician by improving your skills and learning new ones, this is your chance to launch your career. Our NexTech Academy Program offers you the benefits of a full-time employee while learning and developing in the skills of HVAC and Plumbing. 

NexTech Academy curriculum integrates Nexstar Network’s best practices with step-by-step technical training and will help an employee with little trade experience become a confident and competent technician.

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NexTech Academy Breakdown


By the end of Level One, the employee will be an educated helper, knowledgeable in tools, safety, and materials.


By the end of Level Two, the employee will be an advanced helper to a lead technician. Depending on ability and comprehension, they may run basic maintenance calls

MONTHS 10-14

By the end of Level Three, the employee will have experienced a variety of service calls expanding their knowledge base.

MONTHS 15-18

By the end of Level Four, the student will have the knowledge, confidence, and experience to troubleshoot and repair more advanced systems, and, with their Nexstar Training, they will be an outstanding ambassador for Roscoe Brown.

Successful NexTech Academy students are curious, open and excited to learn. NexTech provides a flexible learning approach by combining reading, interactive exercises, quizzes, videos, and skill-practice demonstrations in the curriculum. The pace of the program is determined by the amount of time that an employee can devote to it during their work week. Additionally, students will be able to learn at their own pace, meaning that some will move more quickly through the program than others. The training is progressive, and students will be able to run calls at some point prior to the completion of the program.


  • The candidate will apply at for Apprentice Positions (HVAC or Plumbing).
  • The candidate will participate in the “Ride to Decide” program and complete the interview process.
  • The candidate will be required to pass all the pre-employment requirements. 
  • Hired applicants will review and complete the NexTech Training Academy Hiring Agreement on or before their first day of employment.  Review the document attached.
  • Once hired, the employee will be employed as an HVAC or Plumbing Apprentice and will begin in the NexTech Academy Program.
  • The length of time to complete the NexTech Curriculum will be no longer than 24-months.  Completion of the program will depend on the candidate’s schedule and learning abilities.
  • Hours that the Apprentice spends in either on-line or in the field training will be considered as time worked and will be paid at the employee’s regular hourly pay rate.
  • After the successful completion of each NexTech Academy Module, the employee will be eligible for the following bonus:


  • Cooling Start – Level 1 – HVAC Fundamentals = Bonus Award – $25    
  • Cooling Start – Level 2 – HVAC Basic Skills = Bonus Award – $50
  • Cooling Start – Level 3 – HVAC Intermediate Skills = Bonus Award – $75
  • Cooling Start – Level 4–HVAC Advanced & Customer Interactions = Bonus Award – $100
  • Heating Start – Level 1 – HVAC Fundamentals= Bonus Award – $25
  • Heating Start – Level 2 – HVAC Basic Skills = Bonus Award – $50
  • Heating Start – Level 3 – HVAC Intermediate Skills = Bonus Award – $75
  • Heating Start – Level 4 – HVAC Advanced & Customer Interactions = Bonus Award – $100
  • Completion of Nexstar’s HVAC Sales & Service System Training = Bonus Award – $250


  • Plumbing – Level 1 – Fundamentals = Bonus Award – $25
  • Plumbing – Level 2 – Basic Skills = Bonus Award – $50
  • Plumbing – Level 3 – Intermediate Skills = Bonus Award – $75
  • Plumbing – Level 4 – Advanced Skills & Customer Interactions = Bonus Award – $100
  • Completion of Nexstar’s Advances Sales and Service System = Bonus Award – $250
  • Upon the employee’s completion of the NexTech Academy, the employee will be fully trained in the areas of HVAC or Plumbing.  Employees will progress through company level structure and pay scale while in the program. 
  • The cost of the Nextech Academy training is $99 per month/per employee.  Roscoe Brown will cover the monthly cost for each active employee.  Roscoe Brown will continue to sponsor and pay for training if the employee receives a passing score on each Module Exam. 
  • Once an employee is not successful on a Module Test, the employee will be responsible for their portion of the $99 monthly fee until they are back in a successful status. 
  • If an employee voluntarily or involuntarily separates from Roscoe Brown before their completion of the Nextech Academy, the terminated employee is responsible for payment of the $99/per month costs that were associated with their training.  For example, if an employee terminates after 6 months into their NexTech Academy curriculum, the separated employee would be responsible for the $594 for the training expenses incurred.
  • An employee that has completed the NexTech Academy terminated employee for any reason, within two years of their completion of the program, that employee will be required to reimburse the company the full price of the Nextech Academy of $2400. 

Sound like a good fit? If so, contact us via phone at (615) 551-4298 or email.

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