SPARK Academy for HVAC & Plumbing


This is the way of SPARK ACADEMY! 

Roscoe Brown is seeking highly motivated HVAC/Plumbing Apprentices to join our SPARK Academy team. 

If you are eager to become a skilled HVAC Technician or Plumbing Technician by improving your skills and learning new ones, this is your chance to launch your career. Our SPARK Academy Program offers you the benefits of a full-time employee while learning and developing in the skills of HVAC or Plumbing.

SPARK Academy curriculum integrates Nexstar Network’s best practices with step-by-step technical training and will help an employee with little trade experience becomes a confident and competent technician.

If you are steady, personable, ambitious, resilient, and want to gain the knowledge to be the best HVAC Technician or Plumbing Technician then SPARK Academy is a great for for you!

Our Recruitment Manager Lindsey is eager to talk with you about this opportunity! Reach out to her anytime at or by call/text at 615-653-1090

If you are interested in this role, here are your next steps! 

  1. Apply online as an HVAC Helper or Plumbing Helper
  2. Reach our directly to Lindsey to set up a day to participate in our Ride to Decide Program! See what it would look like to have a day as a plumbing or HVAC Technician.
  3. After your Ride to Decide is complete, you will interview with our team and get to know what the program will look like!

Sound like a good fit? If so, contact us via phone at (615) 551-4298 or email.

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